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Brand Overview

Calvin Klein is one of the best known designer names in the world, offering a modern design aesthetic. The Calvin Klein brands — Calvin Klein Collection, Calvin Klein (platinum label)1, Calvin Klein (white label), Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear — provide us with the opportunity to market products both domestically and internationally at various price points, distribution channels and to different consumer groups than most of our Heritage Brands business product offerings. Global retail sales of products sold under the Calvin Klein brands were approximately $7.8 billion in 2013.

The consumer appeal for Calvin Klein remains high, as demonstrated by Calvin Klein's #8 ranking on MediaRadar's "Most Talked About Fashion Brands of 2013" list. Innovative marketing and advertising campaigns continue to fuel the global growth of the Calvin Klein brands, highlighted by an expanded use of digital and social media marketing platforms. This has been recognized, as Calvin Klein received the #9 ranking on L2's Digital IQ Index: Fashion in 2013. This year's launch of our visually driven, interactive Instagram account, extends the brand's point of view and has become the hub of the successful "show yours. #mycalvins" social media campaign, which has increased engagement of influencers and consumers, increasing awareness and brand appeal globally.

A tiered-brand strategy was established for Calvin Klein to provide a focused, consistent approach to global brand growth and development. Each of the Calvin Klein brands occupies a distinct marketing identity and position that preserves the brand's prestige and image. Our brand portfolio includes:

  • Calvin Klein Collection – Our "halo" brand, under which men's and women's high-end designer apparel and accessories, as well as items for the home, are sold across the globe through the wholesale channel and through our own full price Calvin Klein Collection retail flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York City;
  • Calvin Klein (platinum label) – Our "bridge" brand, formerly known as ck Calvin Klein, was rebranded in 2013 in order to unify the Calvin Klein brands under one umbrella. This line offers apparel and accessories, which are sold in the wholesale channel through specialty and department stores, as well as in free-standing stores in Asia and Europe;
  • Calvin Klein (white label) – Our white label "better" brand, under which we sell men's sportswear and dress furnishings and license various other lines (including men's and women's outerwear, fragrance, accessories and footwear, women's sportswear, dresses and handbags and items for the home). Distribution is primarily in North America through department stores and free-standing stores;
  • Calvin Klein Jeans – Offerings under this label include men's and women's jeans and related apparel, which are distributed worldwide, and denim accessories, which are distributed in Europe and Asia; and
  • Calvin Klein Underwear – Offerings under this label include men's and women's underwear, sleepwear and loungewear, which are distributed worldwide.

In-house teams design or control the design operations and product development for all Calvin Klein products and oversee a worldwide marketing, advertising and promotions program for the Calvin Klein brands. In 2013, over $300 million was spent globally in connection with the advertisement, marketing and promotion of the Calvin Klein brands, and these expenses are principally expended by Calvin Klein's licensees and other authorized users of the Calvin Klein brands.

1Calvin Klein (platinum label) was previously called ck Calvin Klein, but underwent a rebranding in 2013.