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Authentic American style. Celebrating 163 years of dressing American men with style and sophistication.

The Brand

Since 1851, Cluett, Peabody & Co., Inc. (a subsidiary of PVH) and its predecessors have been producing shirts for the American man. Since its introduction in 1885, Cluett's ARROW brand has been a cornerstone in the American men's dress shirt business, defining authentic American style. ARROW commands extraordinary brand recognition for its fashionable yet functional apparel, and consistently ranks in the top 50 in consumer brand awareness in the United States.

The History

In 1820, Hannah Montague created the first detachable shirt collar in her home in Troy, NY as a way of cleaning her husband's collar without laundering the entire shirt. In 1851, Ebenezer Brown recognized the possibilities in the detachable collar industry and began manufacturing collars in the back of his general store in Troy and the predecessor to the original Cluett, Peabody & Co., Inc. was born. This modest beginning would eventually lead to the introduction of the ARROW brand in 1885 as a pioneer in men's fashion. From that point forward, the history of ARROW and its products closely followed the shifts and trends in American culture. As times changed, ARROW adapted accordingly, offering the product, fabric and fit that its consumers demanded. After WWI, detachable collars were abandoned in favor of soft attached collars like those soldiers had become so accustomed to having on their uniforms. Conventional white shirts ruled in the 50's and flamboyant colors and patterns reflected the turbulence of the 60's and 70's. Fashion marched onward, and ARROW was available as a redesigned product, appealing to the renewed conservatism of the young, urban professional in the 1980's. This unique ability to cater to the needs of its customers while offering "authentic American style" has been the foundation of the ARROW brand's continued success. PVH seized upon this by acquiring the brand in 2004.

In recent years, PVH has been expanding ARROW's global distribution, capitalizing on its classic American style. In 2012, PVH announced an agreement with Seidensticker Private Label GmbH to license the ARROW brand in Europe. The agreement includes the distribution of men's woven and knit sport shirts and dress shirts designed and manufactured by the Seidensticker Group. Distribution includes wholesale, retail, shop-in-shops and e-commerce throughout selected countries in Europe. The first collections were launched in Spring 2013. Additionally, in January 2013, PVH entered a licensing agreement to market and distribute men's ARROW products in Brazil. These partnerships are exciting opportunities to reach new customers and continue to grow the ARROW brand and business.


Today's ARROW shirt began as the once revolutionary idea that a collar could detach from its shirt, providing an easier way to clean stained shirt collars without laundering the entire shirt. From this idea grew an internationally acclaimed dress shirt brand. Today, ARROW is licensed in 122 countries and appears on a broad assortment of men's, women's, and children's apparel and apparel-related products. The brand's look and appeal reflect a youthfulness and optimism that embodies the American spirit. Additionally, there are 392 free-standing ARROW stores globally.

Continuing a rich history of innovation in American style, in 2010, we reworked three vintage shirts to deliver a limited edition collection sold exclusively in Urban Outfitters. In Spring 2013, the ARROW brand's deep history was illustrated when Warner Brothers Entertainment released "The Great Gatsby," which includes a replication of a 1922 ARROW advertisement on an oversized billboard in New York's famous Times Square. The original Arrow Collar Man was an advertisement created by renowned Saturday Evening Post artist Joseph Christian Leyendecker. Each illustration featured a young gentleman with a unique ARROW collar style. The Arrow Collar Man quickly became the symbol of the idealized American male, an icon of style and sophistication, adored by legions of female fans.

Today's Arrow Collar Man is a modern symbol of masculine American style. We are committed to providing worldwide quality ARROW apparel products that embody the heritage of the brand and deliver superior quality to consumers. One hundred and sixty-three years ago, the detachable collar was the innovation that changed an industry. Today, the ARROW brand represents another novel idea to modern men: choose value but never sacrifice style. We are proud that consumers continue to value our heritage, quality and innovation, as ARROW was ranked as the #2 best-selling men's dress shirt and the #5 best-selling branded men's woven sport shirt in U.S. department and chain stores in 2013.