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Our centralized capabilities for worldwide procurement and sourcing enable us to deliver to our customers competitive, high quality and low cost goods on a timely basis. We have an extensive established network of worldwide sourcing partners that enables us to meet our customers' needs in an efficient manner and not rely on any one vendor or factory or on vendors or factories in any one country. We also operate a network of wholesale and retail distribution centers that we believe has sufficient capacity to accommodate planned growth, as well as additional brands we may license or acquire.

We are continuing to develop strategies and make investments in people and locations that enhance our ability to provide our customers with timely product availability and delivery. Our investments are focused on allowing us to reduce the cycle time between the design of products and the delivery of those products to our customers, while increasing quality and consumer value. We believe the enhancement of our supply chain efficiencies and working capital management through the effective use of our distribution network and overall infrastructure will allow us to better control costs and provide improved service to our customers. The integration of Warnaco's sourcing network has been a key element to our strategy to realize synergies and gain efficiencies.

We are committed to the health, safety and well-being of the workers throughout our supply chain and to the integrity of our products. We actively work to educate our associates and partners and improve factory conditions, as well as continue to invest in the communities where we do business.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At PVH, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about collaborating with associates and external partners to deliver positive impacts from source to store – empowering people, preserving the environment and supporting communities.

CSR is a fundamental tenet to our business and a key consideration in making decisions. We have been promoting human rights and worker health and safety for over 20 years, and we continue to seek industry change through various CSR initiatives. For the past six years we have been included on Corporate Responsibility Magazine's "100 Best Corporate Citizens" list, and in 2014, PVH was ranked #32 on the list.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Central to our identity is a genuine commitment to corporate responsibility, a fundamental component of how we run our business that is directly linked to our strategies and practices.