Van Heusen

Design made simple and smart.

With a reputation for innovative design spanning 100 years, Van Heusen’s ever evolving modern style delivers comfort and performance, while committing to an eco-friendly future.

A trusted style authority, we continually adapt to the world around us and the changing needs of the consumer to deliver products that are relevant and with a good value. From the boardroom to the home office and beyond, we embrace comfort and ease without sacrificing style. Our product is both highly functional and stylish, created with materials and processes that are both socially and environmentally conscious as we are committed to making a positive impact on people, our industry, and our planet.

Remaining ahead of the curve while building on our strong foundation earns us true staying power.

in 2020 global retail sales (all Heritage brands)

Van Heusen is part of our Heritage Brands business and contributes to Heritage Brands' global retail sales of approximately $1.8 billion in 2020. We principally distribute our Heritage Brands products at wholesale in the U.S. and Canada through department, chain and specialty stores, warehouse clubs, and mass market, off-price and independent retailers (in stores and online), as well as through pure play digital commerce retailers.

As a complement to our wholesale business, which is our core business, we sell products directly to consumers at Van Heusen is known for its ability to remain modern and innovative, adapting to the changing world to meet consumer needs.