Melanie Steiner
Chief Risk Officer

Melanie Steiner has over 25 years of experience in risk, strategy and sustainability. Melanie has served as the Chief Risk Officer of PVH since 2012, overseeing a diverse set of global strategic, operational and risk functions, including Internal Audit, Cybersecurity and Digital Risk Management, Insurance, Enterprise Risk Management, Crisis Management and Procurement. She also leads PVH’s Corporate Responsibility team, which is viewed as a leader in the field of sustainability. Melanie’s focus is on managing risk in a changing landscape.

Prior to PVH, Melanie held a leadership position at EY Canada in the Advisory practice, where she developed the client-facing Climate Change and Sustainability Services practice. She began her career as an attorney, specializing in international environmental law and policy at the UN level, holding a Bachelor of Laws (J.D.) degree from Osgoode Hall (Toronto) and a Master of Environmental Laws from the University of London (UK).

In 2019, Melanie was appointed to serve on the Board of Directors of US Ecology Inc., a leading North American provider of environmental services to commercial and government entities. She also sits on various non-profit boards and committees and contributes to her industry through speaking engagements, guest lecturing, mentoring and philanthropy.

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