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PVH has published its 2017 Annual Report

May 8, 2018

PVH released its Annual Report for 2017, providing a comprehensive look at a year that was marked by investments, long-term vision and strong results.

“Our dedication to inspire and engage our consumers is at the heart of everything we do, and this manifested itself in the progress we made throughout our brands and businesses in 2017,” CEO Emanuel (Manny) Chirico wrote in his letter to stockholders.

He commended associates across the organization for being forward-thinking, adapting to a rapidly changing consumer environment, enhancing our brands within their competitive spaces and aligning our business to create a climate of positive change.

Business success came with trend-right products and an overarching consumer-centric business model, he said, and he noted that the Company’s digital footprint grew by 20 percent last year.

Manny also spoke about the importance of fostering PVH as a great, and inclusive, place to work and investing in efforts to recruit, retain and develop our associates.

Additionally, Manny called attention to one of his greatest sources of pride: making positive impacts.

“PVH recognizes its responsibility as an industry leader and one of the world’s largest apparel companies to address its social and environmental impacts and contribute to a fair, healthy future for all,” he said.

To read the full Annual Report, click here.