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We placed 48th overall in our commitment to the
environment, social responsibility and good governance

May 18, 2018

CR Magazine released its list of 2018 best corporate citizens, focusing on U.S. companies with outstanding environmental, social and governance performance, and PVH Corp. placed at the top of the apparel industry.

Ranking No. 48 overall, PVH saw improvement this year in its ranking in climate, employee relations, philanthropy and finances. Other measured categories are environment, human rights and corporate governance. Last year, PVH placed 61 on the list out of the 1,000 companies considered.

“The entire PVH organization has put corporate responsibility at the top of our list, recognizing our collective duty to respect and care for the people and places where we live, work and do business,” said Melanie Steiner, our Chief Risk Officer.

CR Magazine weighs commitment, resources and integrity, as well as transparency.

“Preserving the environment, supporting communities and empowering people are the core of PVH’s corporate responsibility doctrine,” noted Marissa Pagnani McGowan, our Group Vice President of CR. “We believe that we can’t get behind one single cause or initiative and call it a day. It’s in PVH’s core values to be accountable and do the right thing in our expansive world of decisions, actions, operations and products.”

CR Magazine publisher Dave Aron described the 100 Best Corporate Citizens as “the most successful, most transparent companies that report on their responsible practices.”

“The 100 Best ranking demonstrates that a company is dedicating resources towards its corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts,” explains Jen Boynton editor of CR Magazine. “Public disclosure allows its stakeholders to gain greater insights into a company’s business practices.”

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