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Innovating Amid Disruption: Insights into Deploying During a Pandemic

Innovating Amid Disruption

June 17, 2020

In these unprecedented times, disruption is becoming the new normal, not only in our personal lives but in business practices too. PVH Corp. recently partnered with Deloitte to publish an industry white paper, Innovating Amid Disruption – Insights into Deploying During a Pandemic, which explores innovation amid a time of disruption as PVH moves further forward in becoming one of the first global companies to deploy SAP S/4 Fashion.

The white paper focuses on PVH’s ability to stay the course on a global project – despite the COVID-19 pandemic – to achieve strategic objectives and pioneer a new, innovative approach to technology and business solutions. Specifically, it takes a deeper look into PVH’s journey to launch a global SAP Central Finance and SAP S/4HANA Fashion implementation in Asia against the backdrop of strict limited travel guidelines around the world.

Pre COVID-19, program implementation was planned for North & South America, Europe and Asia, covering all three businesses – Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Heritage Brands. At the same time, PVH completed its reacquisition of the Tommy Hilfiger retail business in Hong Kong+ from our licensing partner for the last 20 years, which was then added to the deployment schedule. The emergence of COVID-19 had an immediate impact on the complex program, which under normal circumstances would have required many hours of face-to-face meetings, training and cutover orchestration. With the rapid onset of restrictions, social distancing, and economic shutdowns, the teams needed to pivot, developing a new approach, with only weeks remaining before the next go-live date. Within days, a fully virtual plan was laid out; within weeks, it was in place; and within two months, the first fully virtual go-live was a success.

SAP is the fashion industry’s advanced digital, enterprise-wide commercial and financial platform, that provides a single global view of our business, while enhancing inventory visibility and analytics across multiple channels, brands and regions.

At PVH, technology is a journey that doesn’t stop – at PVH, we continue to invest in and evolve how we operate by leveraging tech and data to be dynamic, nimble and forward thinking. “Our Enterprise Solution is key to driving our global processes, operations and technology strategy by supporting innovation, modernization, digitalization, and scalability. Moving to SAP S/4HANA for fashion and vertical business has given us the transparency and flexibility we need to continue to grow,” said Eileen Mahoney, Executive Vice President, Global CIO, PVH.

To learn more about PVH’s SAP journey and to explore the white paper, click here.