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A Note from our Chairman & CEO Emanuel Chirico:
Introducing the Power of PVH

April 10, 2019

“The Power of PVH” is our new corporate narrative that celebrates our inherent strength when we all come together. Our power is in our people around the world and our portfolio of iconic brands. Together, we’re driving fashion forward – for good.

We’re answering the question, once and for all: Who is PVH?

Today we are a $9.7B global company with 38,000 associates. We have transformed PVH into one of the most admired fashion and lifestyle companies in the world, and continue to expand our worldwide reach. We invest in and evolve how we operate, adding areas of expertise that drive consumer engagement while developing each of our associates to bring their best selves to work.

Over the years, we’ve elevated the profile of the PVH brand, while measuring ourselves by more than just our bottom line. Whatever we do has to be with total transparency to our stakeholders, and a real sense of accountability that we are the caretakers of our business and our brands. From the way we conduct business and create products to our commitment to giving back and fostering inclusion and diversity, doing the right thing is the thread that connects us all.

Bringing our power to life

Our new PVH Corp. Framework outlines our vision, purpose, priorities and values. It’s meant to guide decisions about our business and our people, explaining who we are, how we operate our business and what we believe in – across all of our brands and regions.

We’re telling the story of our history, business and culture, and hearing directly from our PVH family about what we can achieve with our power.

We’re showing the world that when we all come together, we have the strength to lead and drive fashion forward together. That’s the Power of Us, that’s the Power of PVH.

Best Regards,

Emanuel Chirico
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

PVH Corp.