PVH Joins With the United Nations in Reaffirming
Commitments to Stand Up for Human Rights

Human Rights Day 2020

December 10, 2020

Both the global pandemic and the fight against systemic racism and inequality have exposed the fragility of many global systems. In recognition of this, the UN’s Human Rights Day 2020 centers upon the theme “Recover Better – Stand Up for Human Rights.” Marking the day, PVH joins with the UN in reaffirming the importance of global goals, working together with our global community to create equal opportunities for all, addressing inequality issues illuminated by COVID-19 and applying human rights standards to tackle issues of exclusion and discrimination.

At PVH, upholding human rights across our entire value chain  from supply chain workers to our global associates and our brand consumers  is core to our purpose, and we’re proud to align with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in our practices and our culture. In 1991, we were one of the first apparel companies to issue a code of conduct – A Shared Commitment – and our Forward Fashion Corporate Responsibility strategy includes priorities and targets focused on protecting and advancing human rights and tackling systemic challenges.

To recognize Human Rights Day, we are reflecting upon a number of accomplishments and initiatives that support our ongoing efforts to drive our industry forward and create a more just and equitable future for individuals across our supply chain.

Expanding the Reach of Gap Inc.’s P.A.C.E Program
As the first apparel company to roll out Gap Inc.’s Personal Advancement Career Enhancement (P.A.C.E.) program in its supply chain, PVH is working toward our goal to make professional and life skills development programs and services such as this available to 500,000 women across our supply chain by 2030. This year, we launched our first-ever P.A.C.E. community program in Ethiopia, which allows the benefits of the factory training to extend beyond the workplace, ultimately amplifying the impact of our efforts. Over the course of 11 months, concluding in August of 2021, it’s our aim to reach 2,750 women with P.A.C.E. training in communities surrounding the Hawassa Industrial Park.

Furthering Ethical Recruitment
PVH recently launched Recruit Ethically Training for all of our suppliers in 12 high-risk countries. Our Forward Fashion strategy sets a priority to recruit ethically by partnering with suppliers to ensure ethical recruitment practices for migrant workers, with a target for 100% of migrant workers at our Level 1 and key Level 2 suppliers to not pay recruitment fees by 2025. Building upon our updated Migrant Worker Policy and enhanced risk assessments, PVH’s Recruit Ethically Training furthers our progress toward proactively addressing and eradicating recruitment fees in supply chains.

Addressing COVID-19 Impacts in the Supply Chain at an Industry Level
Earlier this year, in response to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on supply chain workers, their families and communities, PVH joined together with industry peers, suppliers, NGOs, governments and worker and employer representatives to create and endorse the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) call to action to protect garment workers during the pandemic. In the time since its inception, the Call to Action has made progress on both global and national levels, working to establish a more just and resilient garment industry.

Recognition for our Continued Commitments
This year, PVH was recognized as one of America’s 100 Most JUST Companies by Forbes and JUST Capital , ranking 53rd overall and 2nd in the Household Goods & Apparel category on the 2021 list. The JUST 100 list ranks America’s largest publicly traded companies according to how they perform on matters of corporate justness. These categories range from fair wages, to the protection of the environment and promoting a safe and equal workplace.

In celebrating the progress we have made to date, we recognize that this work is ongoing and ever-evolving. From global initiatives to associate driven efforts, our teams continue to prioritize meaningful action to tackle issues affecting our industry and beyond, and develop partnerships to further cross-sector progress and create long-lasting change.

Visit responsibility.pvh.com to learn more about how our Forward Fashion strategy prioritizes human rights, and the milestones we have achieved so far.