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PVH Chairman and CEO Talks Forward Fashion
at Copenhagen Fashion Summit

May 22, 2019

PVH Corp. Chairman and CEO Emanuel Chirico took the stage to promote the company’s new Forward Fashion Corporate Responsibility (CR) strategy on Thursday, May 16 at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, a premier sustainability event hosted by Global Fashion Agenda.

He was interviewed by Wolfgang Blau, president of Condé Nast International.

Chirico spoke about PVH’s launch of 15 CR targets to move the company toward the goal of improving 1 million lives in its value chain, 100% positive impacts and reducing negative impacts to zero.

Chirico told the audience of 1,300 attendees at the DK Concert Hall, that even with the very best intentions, PVH cannot fix sustainability issues across the industry alone – it requires collaborations among peers and competitors. Sharing information and, most importantly, creating standards of measurement, he said, will level the playing field so companies like PVH will all use the same terminology and shoppers can make informed decisions.

Ahead of the conference, Chirico spoke to Francois-Henri Pinault, CEO of Kering, who also was a participant in the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. Pinault announced that the French government had charged him with creating a global fashion-industry pact that committed companies to progress sustainability within the industry that will be presented to the G7, the countries representing the top seven economies in the world. PVH plans to be the first partner to sign onto the pact, as discussions are indicating that its targets will be very similar to those just adopted by PVH. Chirico said PVH and Kering are very aligned in approach and goals.

Meanwhile, Chirico and Blau focused on circular products. PVH aims to have “cradle-to-cradle” products, which are original products that get a second life through recycled materials, by 2025 in the categories of men’s underwear, denim and dress shirts.

Accomplishing this, Chirico explained, will start with traceability in raw materials and will ultimately be fueled by committed consumers. “The elephant in the room is consumers: Will sustainability drive them to make a purchase decision that traditionally is driven by fashion and price?”

He added: “There’s no Good Housekeeping seal of approval that says this CALVIN KLEIN dress shirt was made from environmentally friendly, ethically sourced materials and by a good corporate citizen.”

Transparency, Chirico said, is a good place to start, and the 11th annual PVH CR report highlights our commitment toward moving fashion forward – for good.

Marissa Pagnani McGowan, SVP Corporate Responsibility for PVH, also took the stage alongside industry CR leaders for a discussion on prioritizing today’s most pressing issues to achieve fundamental change. Representing four of the top companies leading sustainability efforts (including Nike, H&M and Kering), the panel touched on circularity, materials and living wages while commenting on the increased need for businesses to take a collaborative stand and drive change. 

In response to changes in trends she has seen in regards to CR, Pagnani McGowan stated “One thing we have seen in the last year is businesses’ increases license to lead. Whether it is CEOs sharing their thoughts publicly from stage or working to educate their associate base.... now is the time to step in and step up.”

For more information on PVH’s CR strategy, visit responsibility.pvh.com.