CR Leadership Statement

A message from our CR Leaders.

PVH has always understood the importance of being a leader in CR, and was one of the biggesst companies to adopt a code of conduct on human rights and the environment in 1991. Now, over 25 years later, we are facing new challenges and increasing industry disruptions, but we are also welcoming new possibilities. This has given us an opportunity to step back and consider what it means to be a leader today and what we are trying to accomplish. 

We have been in our roles for approximately six years and, throughout this time, our North Star has always been driving impact. If we cannot see the positive impacts of our work, then we shouldn’t be doing it. More recently, this concept has evolved to include impact on a large scale. There has been a lot of progress over the years on human rights issues, reducing waste, and shifting to renewable energy. That said, there is still much work to be done, forcing PVH to rethink everything from business models, to talent strategy, to satisfying our consumers with sustainably made products. All of this requires PVH to work together as a company and more broadly, as an industry, embracing key external partnerships as we go.

It is hard work to make meaningful change at scale. We affectionately call this the  “plumbing,” meaning the back-end operational things we do to create change. We don’t make videos about it. We don’t write press releases about it. Often the work goes unheard and unseen. But it is precisely this work, and the impact of this effort in the field that inspires us to come to our offices every day. This work includes the lengthy project plans to evolve our supply chain program that impacts over 2,400 factories; the innovation we are driving to change the creation of our products to be less resource intensive; and the over 20 partnerships we are involved in to galvanize the industry. It all counts, and is part of our persistent goal to drive impact and transformation throughout the industry. 

This report highlights our major corporate responsibility accomplishments in 2017. We hope you nd it educational as you learn how we are working to be the best global corporate citizens we can be. We look forward to continuing to challenge PVH to make the most positive impact possible, and appreciate any feedback. 

Melanie Steiner
Senior Vice President, Chief Risk Officer

Marissa Pagnani McGowan
Group Vice President, Corporate Responsibility

We see a significant opportunity to fuel expansion by capitalizing on the regional and category opportunities where the brand is underpenetrated, while also assuming more direct control of licensed businesses in Latin America and Central and Southeast Asia.