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committed to Save the Children


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directed to programs in Sub-Saharan Africa


Our Commitment: Supporting the needs of women and children around the world

At PVH, giving back is embedded in our culture and we are committed to creating positive change in the communities where we work and live. Our mission is to support the needs of women and children around the world by creating safe spaces, improving access to education and enhancing quality of life.

The PVH Foundation is a non-profit corporation that supports our global philanthropic campaigns and initiatives, as well as our contributions to disaster relief efforts.

Designed to align, strengthen and expand global strategic programming and philanthropic partnerships, The PVH Foundation team fosters a combined effort between our corporate and business team initiatives to achieve a greater impact worldwide.

PVH Cares serves as the global “call to action” for our approximately 35,000 associates to donate their time, talent and resources through volunteering in their local communities.

Promoting early education with Save the Children

We began our partnership with Save the Children in 2005, strengthening our relationship in 2014 by making a $5 million multi-year commitment to the charity’s early education programs. We have since engaged all our businesses, regions and divisions in supporting this important cause. Our Chairman & CEO, Emanuel Chirico, joined Save the Children’s Board of Trustees in 2015. We support Save the Children’s early education programs in many of the countries where we produce goods and have offices. We also encourage our associates to participate in Save the Children’s Child Sponsorship Program.

Charitable Giving

($ in thousands) 2013 2014 2015 2016
PVH Cash Contributions $5,684 $4,888 $4,782 $5,172
Associate Contributions $736 $670 $826 $1,096
Retail Customer Contributions $1,690 $1,283 $1,827 $1,038
PVH Product Contributions $9,801 $6,029 $10,225(1) $17,627
Total $17,911 $12,870 $17,660 $24,933
  • (1)This chart excludes additional product contributions from our Warnaco acquisition

2016 Highlights

We partnered with our suppliers in Bangladesh to provide school uniforms for over 2,200 children who enrolled at the 33 pre-schools and 16 early learning centers we help to support there.

We continued our support of Save the Children’s early education program in Shanghai, reaching nearly 1,600 children (including the children of migrant workers) and over 3,200 parents, through its early reading efforts.

We expanded our Save the Children commitment to India, where the next phase of our multi-year grant will support early education for some 4,370 underprivileged children in Bangalore.

We have allocated $1 million of our Save the Children commitment to support programs in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our funding will support programs providing employability skills for future work for disadvantaged young people aged 15 to 24.

Twelve US-based PVH volunteers visited a school in West Virginia that participates in Save the Children’s SummerBoost Program, which helps underprivileged children stay active and continue their learning during the summer months.

Approximately 150 Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Heritage Brands associates held two Free Arts events, inviting over 150 children to get involved in free arts and learning activities.

We invited 90 young women supported by non-profit Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Department of Homeless Services to our prom dress event, for which our associates donated over 700 dresses.

During 2016, PVH contributed nearly $25 million to charitable causes, including product contributions, cash contributions, associate pledges, fundraising and retail consumer contributions.

To strengthen and formalize PVH Cares initiatives in Asia, we formed a Community Involvement Committee to support the community work of our sourcing offices in Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India.

Our Commitments