Inclusion & Diversity

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Inclusion & Diversity

Our Commitment: Invest in and support PVH associates in reaching their full potential, in an inclusive environment where every individual is valued

Our focus on Inclusion and Diversity (“I&D”) is rooted in our Core Values: individuality, partnership, passion, integrity and accountability. These values embody who we are as a company, guide our decisions and inspire us. Our regional I&D Councils support our drive to be the employer of choice in our industry by attracting and retaining talented individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives.

We promote fair talent practices that are free from bias, help associates learn about the benefits of I&D and develop diverse future leaders through our Business Resource Groups ("BRGs"). BRGs are voluntary, associate-led affinity groups that aim to foster inclusion and develop future leaders in support of our business goals. We currently have Women’s, African American, LGBTQ, and Working Parents BRG chapters.

More broadly, we focus on equality and women’s advancement in the workplace through our commitment to the U.N.’s Women’s Empowerment Principles and our support for organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign. 

More than 1,200 leaders have completed our “Confronting Unconscious Bias” training, introduced in 2016 to help senior leaders identify and address deeply ingrained biases in their decision-making and interactions with others. All new and recently promoted leaders in the U.S are required to take the course. 

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Creating an inclusive environment where every individual is valued. Be You!

2017 Highlights



In October 2017, PVH announced the launch of a TOMMY HILFIGER line of adaptive apparel for adults. The new adult line consists of approximately 35 styles of modified mainstream apparel for men and women with disabilities [injuries, dexterity issues and similar problems]. 


PVH was recognized as a best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation and ranked #31 in Thomson Reuters Global Diversity and Inclusion Index. 


We launched two new Business Resource Groups: our Working Parents BRG, and our LGBTQ BRG, WERK (Well-connected, Equality, Resourcefulness, and Knowledge). WERK took the lead in planning PVH’s participation in the 2017 NYC Pride March, where PVH was a Platinum sponsor and engaged over 800 associates, families and friends to march in support of LGBTQ equality. In early 2018 we will launch our African American BRG BRAAVE (Building Resources for African American Voices and Empowerment).

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