Safe Workplaces

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Safe Workplaces

Our Commitment: Ensure safe working conditions for workers within our supply chain

At PVH, we see the workers in our supply chain as an extension of our own workforce and it is vital that they work in a safe environment. We support our suppliers in raising health and safety standards, particularly in production countries where workers are most at risk in the workplace.

We collaborate with multiple stakeholders to identify and address fire, electrical and structural risks, and drive positive change. Importantly, we recognize the pressing need to empower workers to formally voice their health and safety concerns with factory managers.

We became founding members of the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh in the wake of the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh in 2013 to help stop further tragedies and develop a culture of health and safety in garment factories. PVH has maintained a seat on the Accord Steering Committee since its inception. The Accord was a legally binding five-year commitment. PVH has signed onto a second Accord which took effect for a period of three years when the initial Accord expired in May of 2018. The new agreement is also binding and extends the fundamental elements of the first Accord, including independent inspections, safety committee training and an enhanced commitment to worker empowerment. The Bangladesh government will be responsible to carry on these elements after the second Accord expires. 

We are are taking the safety lessons we have learned in Bangladesh and applying them in other production countries. In an effort to ensure that the teachings from the Accord have a global reach, PVH joined Life and Building Safety ("LaBS") in 2017. LaBS aims to raise safety standards in apparel production countries, including Vietnam, India, Pakistan and Cambodia.

2017 Highlights



PVH continued its involvement in the Accord. Overall, we have addressed nearly 95% of the initial issues uncovered to date at our suppliers’ factories.


We signed a new three-year Accord binding agreement along with the 175 other brand owners and retailers that were members of the original Accord. The new Accord is designed to help further build the Bangladeshi government’s own capacity to oversee building and fire safety, and transition compliance responsibilities to them to manage going forward.


PVH was involved in Life and Building Safety pilot programs of 100 factories in both Vietnam and India, which will extend into 2018. Participating factories are evaluated against international structural, fire and electrical safety standards. Eventually, there will be a training component for workers, and a dedicated hotline for workers to voice any safety concerns. Following the completion of these pilots, LaBS will expand the program to other countries.

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