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Appendix A

Non-GAAP Earnings Before Interest and Taxes by Segment
Dollar amounts in millions Full Year Full Year
2010 2011
Heritage Brand Wholesale Dress Furnishings 73 79
Heritage Brand Wholesale Sportswear 57 19
Heritage Brand Retail 45 29
Total Heritage Brands 174 127
Other (Calvin Klein Apparel) 73 89
Calvin Klein Licensing 173 189
Total Calvin Klein 246 278
Tommy Hilfiger North America 90 126
Tommy Hilfiger International 114 227
Total Tommy Hilfiger 204 353
Total Divisions Excluding Corporate 624 758
Corporate (76) (84)
Total earnings before interest and taxes $548 $674
NOTE: Excludes certain items. Reconciled on Forms 8-K dated 3/28/11 and 3/27/12.