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Tommy Hilfiger Expands Roblox Partnership with Immersive Community Space

Tommy Hilfiger is pleased to announce the expansion of its presence on Roblox, the massively popular global online platform for shared experiences with over 50 million users per day. Reflecting an ambition to offer unique brand experiences, this phase includes the launch of a TOMMY PLAY space for community members to play, share, imagine and socialize. Each month this summer, there will be content updates, map expansions on the platform, and product launches created in collaboration with Roblox community creators and thought-leaders.

“Roblox shares many of our brand values: inclusivity, diversity, creativity and community,” said Tommy Hilfiger. “We’re excited to meet Roblox users in engaging ways that we can’t do with traditional social platforms. Together with Roblox we’re continuing to build this world as we live in it, watching it come to life, and co-creating for the next iteration to come.”

Reflecting TOMMY JEANS’s street culture heritage, the space is inspired by Brooklyn — through a deconstructed interpretation that could only exist in the metaverse. In the mind-bending playground, users can enjoy adrenaline-fueled activities like jumping on a BMX bike to explore a vertical map of the area, from high in the sky to underground subway systems. Throughout the borough, walls are covered with graffiti that are custom-created by real-world, Brooklyn-based artists Rebel, Kel, Zero, SS, AO, Zam, Mega, Neek, Viloe and ZE, which adds an authentic aesthetic and further bridges the physical and virtual worlds.

The space features mini games and Tommy Coins to collect, upgrade or trade for items like bikes, helmets with superpowers, headphones and TOMMY JEANS garments and accessories. The virtual BMX park is a highlight, where users can explore the area, learn tricks, and engage in friendly bike competitions that are tracked on a daily leader board. They can also unlock hidden experiences and join scavenger hunts to discover unique items for their avatar or uncover secret clues about what’s to come.

To ensure the community’s creative input, the digital product launches have been co-created with Roblox creators — newcomers @Martin_Rblx2 and @StrapCode, and returning members @Blizzei and @RynityRift. Together, they have reimagined real-world TOMMY HILFIGER designs for the Roblox platform, utilizing its cutting-edge Layered Clothing technology for hyper-realistic 3D clothing that fits any avatar body type. The immersive experience itself was developed in collaboration with Sawhorse, one of the community’s expert developers.

The continuation of the collaboration builds on its first phase, which launched in December 2021 when TOMMY HILFIGER partnered with eight carefully selected digital fashion designers from the Roblox community to create and promote a Tommy X Roblox Creators collection of 30 items that people could use to dress their avatars within Roblox.

The partnership is part of TOMMY HILFIGER’s continued exploration of the digital and gaming spaces, with further announcements to follow in the coming months. It complements Team Tommy, a community-led initiative that celebrates eight up-and-coming, hand-picked talents from the gaming world. Rooted in Tommy Hilfiger’s legacy of fostering new and emerging talent, Team Tommy seeks to empower a new wave of Futuremakers and champion creatives in the gaming space for their unique talents. In Roblox, they will be streaming in an activation called “24 Hours of Team Tommy,” where they will take their communities on a journey through space, play the games, and style their avatars with the latest collectibles and garments.