We are PVH, the most consumer-focused global growth platform for brands in our sector with $9.0 billion in 2022 revenues. 

PVH has evolved from its 1881 Pennsylvania roots as a clothing-maker to coal miners to a global apparel company with $9.0 billion in 2022 revenues. The company has grown through a combination of strategic acquisitions and by successfully amplifying our brands across the wholesale, retail, digital commerce and licensing channels. Today, PVH operates a diversified portfolio of lifestyle brands led by Calvin Klein and TOMMY HILFIGERrepresenting over 90% of our revenues. PVH's operations have also evolved from a regional perspective: From a business primarily based in North America through the early 2000s, we now operate in Europe, the Asia Pacific region and Latin America as well, with over 65% of our revenues generated outside of the U.S. We see opportunity for significant long-term growth as we employ our strategic priorities across our organization. We recognize that our success is not only measured by our financial results but how we achieve them. Our values – individuality, partnership, passion, integrity and accountability – embody who we are as a company and we believe that our commitment to them has a positive effect on our business.

As an industry leader, we power brands that drive fashion forward – for good. We consider corporate responsibility throughout our strategic business decisions to support human rights, sustainability, inclusion and diversity, and community engagement.

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The PVH+ Plan

Win with product by creating the best hero products in the market

Win with consumer engagement using our iconic brands as platforms for creative partnerships

Win in the digitally-led marketplace by building our distribution strategy around the consumer in a way that will continuously strengthen our premium market positioning and drive pricing power

Develop a demand and data-driven operating model by connecting the planning, buying, and selling of inventory closer to demand

Drive efficiencies and invest in growth, while improving our cost competitiveness