Corporate Responsibility

Driving fashion forward - for good. 

Forward Fashion video
Introducing Forward Fashion 

It’s the story of how our clothes are made: the fingers that pick the cotton, the hands that spin the fabric, and the communities where our goods are made. A story about how the materials are selected, how our factories are powered and their impact on people and the environment. A story about the kind of business we are and the one we want to be. The fashion industry is changing, and at PVH, we recognize our responsibility and opportunity to drive fashion forward – for good.

There's a story woven into every design and every piece we make.
We have an ambitious vision for the future - and three strategic focus areas to support it.

Transforming our industry is bigger than PVH. It requires technological advances, strong collaboration, scalable programs and the power of our collective passion.

We are setting new standards and testing new limits through a series of innovative and ambitious targets across our business because we believe that brilliant design and creative solutions are not just reserved for the clothes we make, but also for the way we make them.


Our ambition is for our products and business operations to generate zero waste, zero carbon and zero hazardous chemicals, and for our products to be truly circular.

  • Eliminate Carbon: Protect our global climate by reducing energy use and powering our business through renewable sources
  • End Waste: Divert the waste we send to landfill
  • Eliminate Hazardous Chemicals: Eliminate water pollution from our wet processors
  • Innovate for Circularity: Foster and harness innovation to design and manufacture products that eliminate product waste
Reduce negative impacts to zero
Increase positive impacts to 100%


Our ambition is for 100% of our products and packaging to be ethically and sustainably sourced, and for 100% of our suppliers to respect human rights and be good employers.

  • Source Ethically: Expand the application of our social and environmental standards to the manufacturing of all products and materials
  • Amplify Worker Voice: Improve working environments through worker engagement and representation
  • Promote Safe Workplaces: Ensure safe and healthy workplaces for all workers in our supply chain
  • Advance Living Wages: Create conditions for national living wage agreements through industry-wide collective bargaining linked to our purchasing practices
  • Recruit Ethically: Partner with our suppliers to ensure ethical recruitment practices for migrant workers
  • Regenerate Materials: Transition key product and packaging materials to sustainable alternatives


Our ambition is for our business to improve over 1 million lives across our value chain, focusing on education and opportunities for women and children, ensuring access to clean water for all and continuing to champion inclusion and diversity so everyone can achieve their full potential.

  • Empower Women: Remove barriers to advancement and create pathways to opportunity and choice for women in our supply chain
  • Foster Inclusion & Diversity: Create an inclusive environment where every individual is valued
  • Develop Talent: Develop a talented and skilled workforce that embodies our core values and an entrepreneurial spirit while empowering our associates to design their future
  • Provide Access to Water: Ensure access to clean water for communities in our key basins through collaborative action
  • Educate the Future: Support the needs of women and children around the world by creating safe spaces, improving access to education and enhancing quality of life
Improve 1 million+ lives across our value chain

We are on a journey

Our journey is to weave human rights, environmental protection, inclusion and community engagement into every design and every piece we make. We will launch new, specific targets with our CR report this summer. 

2019 is just the beginning as we drive fashion forward – for good.

Our Approach

At PVH, Corporate Responsibility (“CR”) is central to how we conduct business, as we recognize both the opportunity and the responsibility for business to take a lead role in addressing pressing global issues. As we continue to embrace change and position our company for long-term success, we believe that CR will help us achieve sustainable growth by managing risk, maximizing efficiency and driving value. Through our collective efforts, we seek to create value for both society and our business.

As one of the largest global apparel companies, we are guided by our values and committed to addressing social and environmental issues, with a focus on those that matter most to us, our over 36,000 associates worldwide, our other stakeholders and the apparel industry. In particular, we aim to drive positive impacts throughout our value chain – from Source to Store – empowering people, preserving the environment and supporting the communities where we work and live.

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Our Commitments

To drive positive impacts from Source to Store, our CR strategy consists of ten commitments. These commitments align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”), covering issues such as clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, and inclusion and diversity. Further, our strategy places a strong emphasis on the need to move beyond compliance to achieve sustainable protection of the rights, dignity and livelihoods of the nearly one million workers in PVH’s supply chain. Increasing our focus on our environmental footprint and partnering with our suppliers to reduce environmental impacts across our supply chain is a top priority. As the world continues to change rapidly, we maintain our unwavering commitment to CR, as we believe that we can better drive progress in the areas that will have positive business, industry, and global impacts.

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