Corporate Governance

PVH is committed to the principles of sound
corporate governance.

Corporate governance is a combination of processes, customs, policies, laws, rules and regulations affecting the way a corporation is directed, administered and controlled.

PVH is committed to principles of sound corporate governance. For over 100 years, our commitment has been to conduct all business in keeping with the highest moral, ethical and legal standards. In the area of corporate governance, this translates into not only implementing statutory and regulatory requirements but being transparent in how we operate as a corporation and are responsible and accountable to our stockholders and other stakeholders.

This section of our website provides content and links to key corporate governance information, including our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, our Code of Ethics for our CEO and Senior Financial Executives, our Corporate Governance Guidelines, our Board Committee descriptions and charters, and biographies for our Directors, Corporate Officers and Senior Executives.


The leadership of PVH establishes our growth and business strategies; establishes the tone of conduct in all we do; creates excitement in our business and opportunity for our associates; advances our corporate responsibility goals and programs; aligns our associates in all our business units and service groups for the benefit of our Company, our stockholders and our other stakeholders; and builds and improves relationships, new and old, with and among our associates, stockholders, business partners, the investment community, and the communities in which we operate.