Consumer Engagement

Van Heusen Expands Never Tuck Shirt Offering to Meet Consumer Demand

When it comes to style for today, here is where so many consumers are at: the need to feel put together, yet maintain a sense of informality and ease. As working from home and video conferencing become more and more common, we want to look presentable, but feel comfortable at the same time. Van Heusen has produced a solution to this issue in its Never Tuck shirt.

Born out of market, trend and competitive research, Never Tuck is a sportswear shirt that is engineered to be worn untucked. With conventional sports shirts, the extra material at the bottom can feel uncomfortable and look sloppy. Never Tuck is designed with correct proportions to be worn untucked, to look sharp, and to stay comfortable.

When the product launched online, it picked up momentum fast. Consumers responded positively to the shirt, and pushed to have it sold in stores, produced in extended sizing, and designed with more modern patterns and interesting prints. Casualization was becoming increasingly popular, and this was a successful product that fit that lifestyle.

To date, Never Tuck is among some of the best sell-through products within the Van Heusen woven category, and is the No. 1 revenue search keyword on the site. It continues to be a best-seller throughout the year, in every season.

Innovations like these are born from listening to the consumer, and creating the right product to meet their needs. Looking ahead, Van Heusen has plans to relaunch all of its woven top offerings in the Never Tuck length. No matter the season, no matter the fit, the Never Tuck shirt continues to be a consumer favorite.