Providing rich insight to our heritage
of leadership in the American
apparel industry

The PVH Archives is a physical and digital resource for our associates created to preserve and protect all archival materials pertaining to PVH Corp. and its portfolio of iconic brands.

This landmark initiative honors our past as a source of inspiration, and fuels connectivity by providing access to thousands of compelling assets and enriching, curated content.

The PVH Archives seeks to reinforce each brand's DNA and infuse our future with an authenticity and character that is unique to each of our brands and businesses.

Archive Installation

A multimedia exhibition of our company’s culturally impactful heritage, curated by our archives team

The first-ever installation, “PVH Was There: A Century of Fashion and Change,” opened in Spring 2018 and explored how PVH brands have supported the changing needs of the consumer. Future installations will continue to reinforce our strategic priorities through engaging, immersive storytelling.

Design Resource


Open by appointment to our in-house design teams, our brands’ apparel and marketing archives and extensive vintage library are an unparalleled and accessible source of design inspiration.

Stories from the Archives

A series that highlights our brands’ rich histories and connects them to present-day PVH initiatives and core values

In 1887, The Warner Brothers Co. established the Seaside Institute, an education and recreation facility built for the betterment of women workers. PVH Archives celebrates the 130th anniversary of this inspiring CR landmark.

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PVH Archives looks back at the 135-year-plus history of dressing for work at our company.

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Dating back to the 19th century, ARROW is the oldest brand in the PVH portfolio. In honor of Pride Month, the PVH Archives is proud to tell the sensational-but-true story of the ARROW COLLAR MAN.

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