ARROW Thailand Fulfills a Need: Donates Free Masks to Local Community

The Arrow licensing team in Thailand has prioritized helping protect their associates and partners, as well as their surrounding community, during the global COVID-19 pandemic. In spring 2020, fabric masks were not an ARROW product category. However, this soon changed when the team decided to produce affordable, effective, and stylish masks to help fight the effects of COVID-19.

The Arrow licensing team first placed into production a cloth mask with an outer layer made from an innovative “ViralOff” fabric, and an inside layer made from “Nano Zinc” fabric, which inhibits the growth of bacteria. The success of this first mask led to the production of a second and third mask, with further innovative design and function. The second cloth mask was made with a water-repellent outside fabric, which deflects droplets from coughing or sneezing, and a “Collagen Fabric” on the inside, that has moisture retention properties to help prevent irritation of the skin. The third cloth mask combined the “Nano Zinc” fabric on the inside from the first mask, and the water-repellent fabric on the outside from the second mask.

These masks were complimentary and distributed to all corporate and retail ARROW Thailand employees. Additionally, every consumer who stepped into an Arrow retail store in Thailand, were given a mask while shopping indoors. In order to give back to their community, the team also donated 2,000 cotton cloth masks to local healthcare institutions, as well as to anyone who interacted with the team on their Facebook page. The masks are also currently available for purchase.