Inclusion & Diversity

one future, #ckone

For over 25 years, CK One has embodied youth culture. In its latest brand campaign, one future #ckone, Calvin Klein curates a vanguard of photographers and powerful young voices. Shot across America against the backdrop of their hometowns, eleven individuals are captured in their everyday environments, speaking to their individual experiences, perspectives, and hopes. Voices of a generation united by one future.

one future

Debuting on October 6th, the campaign will launch with curated talent takeovers across our hero global social channels — Instagram and YouTube — starting with the campaign anthem video. Individual profiles will pulse out each week, so be sure to follow @calvinklein on Instagram for videos and extended content.


The youngest of six children, Destiny Batista is extremely family oriented. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, and currently lives in Brownsville in East Brooklyn. In her free time she and her friends dabble with rap at a local studio and she hopes to start learning how to freestyle. Destiny is currently finishing her accounting degree and supporting herself by working part-time at a fast-food chain.

She met photographer Miranda Barnes four years ago at a high school support program for adolescents. Miranda was her mentor and they instantly clicked.


Brandon Timothy Woody is a creator from East Baltimore. Woody started playing trumpet at age 8 and has grown tremendously since. He spent one year at the Brubeck institute and one year at the Manhattan school of music before dropping out and moving back home.

Woody has taught and performed in venues/ schools and programs internationally. Woody is currently in the process of recording his Debut Album set to release early 2021 with his band UPENDO.


A native of Long Beach, California, Toni Bravo is a multifaceted creator with a passion for storytelling and depicting diverse points of view. Roller-skating has greatly impacted her life by giving her a sense of community. She also loves music, drawing and reselling vintage clothing. Toni is currently studying Film.


Born and raised in Crowheart, Wyoming, Jace Mitchel is a rancher who bought his first cattle at 16. He is passionate about his work on the ranch and his small rural community. He wants the ranching community to be preserved so his daughter can continue to experience it as she grows. Working with animals has taught him patience.


Alex Arauz is a Brooklyn native who now lives in Queens with his family. Alex was homeschooled and discovered his passion for fashion at age 15. He has worked assisting stylists and is starting his freshman year studying fashion communications at a university in London.


Lex Bautista likes to sing and play the violin. They were born in California but has lived in El Paso since they were three. Lex is highly involved in the local community and is passionate about LGBTQIA+ issues as well as immigration as El Paso is a border city.


Born and raised in Coral Springs, Florida, Chris Gomez was greatly impacted by the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. Since then, he and his friends have been much more involved politically.


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jawn Davis spent most of his life in Compton. He has a passion for skateboarding and would love to make it a career. He also enjoys creating music, bringing his artistic visions to life through his various creative outlets such as painting and repurposing thrifted clothes with embroidery for his friends.


Ting Tai grew up in Memphis, Tennessee before moving to Baltimore where she has lived for the past 13 years with her family. Ting is Asian-American/Malaysian-Chinese and is passionate about increasing representation of marginalized groups. She also enjoys art and photography and is currently in her sophomore year at Howard Community College where she is studying environmental science.


Juan Paul was born in Mexico and migrated to Modesto, California where he was raised. Juan became a DACA recipient at age 16 and moved to El Paso, Texas a year ago to pursue his dreams of becoming a filmmaker. He is currently working at a call center to support himself while working on film projects and learning from various directors in the El Paso film community. He wants to continue writing and directing projects inspired by real people and experiences.


Quannah ChasingHorse Potts, is Han Gwich’in from Eagle, Alaska and Oglala Lakota from the Rosebud Lakota Nation. She advocates to obtain wilderness designation (permanent protection) for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, protecting those sacred lands from oil development. Every year Quannah hunts caribou with her family and fishes for salmon in the summer, which has given her a strong connection to her people’s indigenous lands and way of life. Quannah is passionate about climate change and environmental justice. She plays basketball, is a musician, snowboarder, and is apprenticing as a traditional tattoo artist. She lives in Fairbanks, Alaska with her family.