PVH Ranks in 2021 Fashion Transparency Index

PVH and its brands ranked No. 7 of 250 brands in the 2021 Fashion Transparency Index, an annual review of fashion brands and retailers based on their public disclosure of human rights and environmental practices, policies and impacts, in their operations and supply chains.

PVH sat at No. 12 in the 2020 Index.

Corporate responsibility disclosure is a long-term journey for PVH with work still ahead of us to keep improving. We are committed to accountability and will continue to prioritize ongoing public disclosure of important social and environmental data, policies and impacts.

Transparency is critical for driving change across the industry, and is at the heart of our Forward Fashion strategy. Through Forward Fashion, we’ve established a set of fifteen public, time-bound, measurable priorities that we continue to report our progress against, holding ourselves accountable as we work to drive fashion forward for good.

Fashion Revolution is a global non-profit activism and advocacy movement behind the Fashion Transparency Index. The Index measures public disclosure against a list of 239 indicators covering a wide range of social, human rights, governance and environmental topics. PVH values the Index and its results to help inform our strategic approach to furthering transparency and data disclosure.

To read our 2020 Corporate Responsibility report, click here.