PVH Corp. signs the legally binding agreement to support collective-bargaining agreement in Cambodia, advancing our commitment to human rights in our supply chain

Today, at the Global Fashion Summit in Copenhagen, PVH — in partnership with ACT (Action, Collaboration, Transformation), IndustriALL Global and member brands — announced that it has signed individual binding agreements to support collective bargaining agreement in Cambodia to enable higher wages, better working conditions and sourcing commitments from brands.

As the first U.S. company to sign, PVH is proud to be part of the collective member group in achieving the first step in finalizing an agreement that will have a broader positive impact on the industry at large.

“We believe that this Agreement will have a beneficial impact, not just in PVH’s supply chain in Cambodia, but equally so in the supply chains of all brands sourcing from Cambodia who choose to enter such an Agreement. Moreover, the template created here should set an example for positive impacts on global human rights in the supply chain more broadly and demonstrate what can be achieved with collaboration and commitment to drive progress,” said Michael Bride, SVP of Corporate Responsibility and Public Affairs. 

These individual binding agreements between brands and IndustriALL Global Union, mark a milestone in enabling the first-ever brand-supported collective bargaining agreement in the Garment and Footwear sector. These agreements also support effective and sustainable industry collaboration amongst all actors across the value chain, demonstrating strong leadership by brands, employers and unions in the sector, signaling the potential for a new era in wage approaches, freedom of association and responsible purchasing practices.

In a reported statement, Athit Kong, President of Coalition of Cambodia Apparel Worker Democratic Union, called this a breakthrough agreement as it brings all parties in the sector and supply chains to the negotiating table. Kong also noted that this being the first ever legally binding agreement, gives him hope that it will promote accountability and better social dialogues in these sectors.

ACT (Action, Collaboration, Transformation) is an agreement between IndustriALL Global Union and international brands and retailers in the garment and footwear industry to support sustainable wage growth through collective bargaining in production countries.