Principles for Safeguarding the Well-Being of Models

At PVH Corp., we are guided by the principle that success in business is dependent on putting human issues first. Indeed, we know that our company would not have grown as it has if we did not place highest priority on making a genuine contribution to improving the quality of life and upholding the basic rights of our associates, the workers in our supply chain, their families and the communities in which we operate. This principle extends to all with whom we conduct business.

In furtherance of our commitment to ensuring the decent and considerate treatment of all persons in our organization or involved in our business, we have adopted these principles to safeguard the well-being of the models we engage in connection with our Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Heritage Brands businesses worldwide. Inappropriate conduct directed at models will not be tolerated. In furtherance thereof, we undertake to work with partners – agencies, photographers and others involved in the process – who agree to uphold this commitment.  These principles cover all modeling work done for PVH, including but not limited to casting calls, shoots, runway shows and fit work.

We will hold our associates accountable for any violation of these principles through their acts or failure to act. Similarly, we will hold our partners, their employees and their representatives accountable for acts or omissions that directly violate these principles that are reasonably within their scope of services.

These principles are, in all events, subject to applicable law. If applicable law, as determined by the site of a shoot, runway show or other applicable activity is more restrictive than these principles, then the provisions of applicable law will govern. If applicable law is less restrictive than these principles, these principles will govern. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, PVH will act in accordance with the laws applicable to models under the age of 18, including with respect to working hours, chaperones, and having tutors on set. “PVH” refers to all of PVH Corp.’s businesses and subsidiaries, including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Heritage Brands.

These principles refer to receiving consent under certain circumstances. When consent is required, it will be obtained in writing, in advance, or otherwise affirmatively and under circumstances free from coercion or duress, such as by allowing reasonable time for consideration under the circumstances, consultation with an advisor or other trusted person, and consideration outside the presence of those requesting the consent. Agents will provide written consent in advance on behalf of models age 18 or older but the model must thereafter confirm the consent. Consents for models under the age of 18 must be signed by a parent, legal guardian or authorized representative.

  • PVH will provide models with a healthy, respectful and professional work environment free from harassment and discriminatory treatment of any kind. At least one PVH associate with appropriate seniority will be available at all times that services are being performed to address questions should any issues arise.MModels must be treated at all times in a professional, respectful and non-threatening manner by all PVH associates and all outside persons engaged by PVH or its partners who are involved in a shoot, runway show or other relevant activity. PVH will not tolerate abuse of any kind or nature or improper treatment of or conduct toward a model during the model’s performance of services for PVH. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, unacceptable conduct includes but is not limited to sexual advances, sexual propositions, sexual activity and sexual contact; demands for sexual favors in exchange for modeling work; physical threats or assaults; and bullying.
  • Models will not be required to perform any activity that is physically dangerous without their consent and without appropriate safety precautions in place. Models will not be required to perform any activity that could reasonably be deemed to be degrading, shameful or demeaning.  Models will be informed in advance of other conditions that reasonably could be considered intimidating, frightening or dangerous, or reasonably create discomfort. Models younger than 18 may not be involved in an activity that includes simulated drug or alcohol use, or simulated sexual activity, including explicit or highly suggestive poses.
  • Models younger than 18 will not be posed nude. Models younger than 18 also will not be posed semi-nude (or its equivalent (e.g., in sheer clothing)) where pubic areas are visible or where, as to biological female models, female-identifying models or any model who expressly objects, they are topless (or its equivalent).
  • Models age 18 or older will not be posed without consent nude or semi-nude (or its equivalent (e.g., in sheer clothing)) where pubic areas are visible, or where as to biological female models or female-identifying models, they are topless (or its equivalent); any model, age 18 or older, who expressly objects will not be posed topless (or its equivalent). For the avoidance of doubt, underwear models wearing underwear and swimwear models wearing swimwear are not considered to be semi-nude if there is reasonable coverage of pubic areas and, in the case of biological female models, female-identifying models and any model who expressly objects to being topless (or its equivalent), their breasts. Models will be informed beforehand whenever nudity or semi-nudity is anticipated and promptly if nudity or semi-nudity becomes a possibility. PVH will make reasonable efforts with the model to ensure the model is and remains throughout the activity comfortable with the nudity or semi-nudity, as the case may be, and the environment. To the extent practicable, a closed set will be used during any shoot involving nudity or semi-nudity upon request by the model.

  • Models will not be left alone with, or out of view while with, a photographer, a make-up artist, a stylist or their personnel, or without the ability of the model or others to enter or leave the area, unless requested by the model and the model is at least 18 years old.

  • Models, to the extent reasonably possible, will be kept generally informed of start times and delays during casting calls and other appointments. PVH will endeavor to provide comfortable accommodations for the models while working, including reasonable temperatures in the waiting area as well as on set, light refreshments (e.g., water and healthy snacks), and providing the opportunity to occupy themselves during down times (e.g., if reasonably possible, permitting phone use, providing access to wifi, and allowing the models to go outside). 

  • A model’s working hours for PVH generally will not exceed 12 hours in a day unless the model consents to work longer hours for a particular assignment. Working hours must include periodic rest and meal breaks. No overtime will be required of models who are minors, as defined by applicable law.

  • A model’s physical appearance may not be permanently altered and model’s hair may not be cut significantly (e.g., in respect of length (other than a trim) or other type of “permanent” styling) or permanently dyed without the model’s consent or express acceptance.

  • PVH will provide a limited access area or reasonably secluded or sheltered area for models to use while changing clothes during a shoot or runway show. Models will be given a suitable cover-up (e.g., bathrobe) and slippers for model’s privacy and comfort during the application of make-up and down times. Signs prohibiting photography will be conspicuously posted in changing areas at runway shows and an attendant will be present to monitor compliance and deter access by non-authorized persons. Access to bathroom facilities will be provided at all shoots, runway shows and other activities.

  • Models may not perform services under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs (other than prescription medication prescribed for the model and used for the prescribed medical purposes or over-the-counter medications used for their intended purpose). PVH will not offer alcohol or have alcohol available during the performance of services, including at casting calls, fittings, runway shows, and on shoot sets (excluding a post runway show or shoot wrap celebratory toast, and provided alcohol is not served to minors; in no event will strong spirits or liquor be permitted). Recreational drugs are strictly prohibited even if legal in the jurisdiction where the activity is taking place.
  • PVH will reimburse reasonable expenses incurred or arrange for transportation to or from a model’s residence or lodgings for shoots and fittings in respect of call times starting prior to 7:00 a.m. or services ending after 9:00 p.m.
  • Models and their agents will be provided with information to access PVH’s hotline through which they can report (by telephone or online) on an anonymous basis any issues or concerns that may arise with respect to model’s working conditions or the conduct of a photographer, make-up artist, stylist or other contributor involved in a casting call, shoot, runway show or other activity. PVH investigates promptly all reports received and has a policy of non-retaliation against people who report in good faith potential misconduct.