We Are PVH

PVH is one of the world's largest
apparel companies with nearly $9 billion
in 2017 revenues. We operate three
business groups – Calvin Klein,
Tommy Hilfiger and Heritage Brands.







Our Company

PVH has grown to become one of the largest global apparel companies. Our growth profile has been achieved through organic growth, as well as a number of successful acquisitions that have redefined our identity, performance and long-term growth potential. These acquisitions include Calvin Klein in 2003, Tommy Hilfiger in 2010, and Warnaco in 2013. Even as our company has grown and transformed, our focus has remained on global expansion, brand management and brand development, and staying true to our Core Values. Our teams are passionate about creating high quality, trend-right products that are complemented by compelling online and offline consumer experiences, and we are focused on connecting with the next generation of consumers. Additionally, we recognize the opportunity to make positive impacts throughout our value chain by empowering the people with whom we work, preserving the environment and supporting our communities.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values — individuality, partnership, passion, integrity and accountability  shape our culture at PVH. We live by our Core Values — they inspire us, and we believe that these qualities, as practiced by our associates, are what will help us grow our businesses into the future.

Our Values


We believe that our strong corporate leadership will drive sustainable long-term global growth while creating positive financial returns for our stockholders. Our executive team embodies our core values, which are an inherent part of our corporate culture.


Business Groups

We leverage our best-in-class global infrastructure, supply chain, consumer insights, brand-focused management and marketing teams to support each of our three business groups — Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Heritage Brands — through a strategic combination of wholesale, retail, digital commerce and licensing operations.

{ "title": "TOTAL REVENUE BY BUSINESS", "subtitle" : "2017 REVENUE: $8.9BN", "series" : [{ "name" : "Brands", "data" : [ { "name": "TOMMY HILFIGER", "description":"", "y": 44, "color":"#CB464F", "legendIndex": 0 }, { "name": "CALVIN KLEIN", "description":"", "y": 39, "color":"#808282", "legendIndex": 1 }, { "name": "HERITAGE BRANDS", "description":"", "y": 17, "color":"#214564", "legendIndex": 2 } ] }] }

Strategic Priorities

We see a sustainable path of long-term growth as we execute against our corporate and brand-specific strategic initiatives. As we grow across regions and channels of distribution, we believe in positioning our businesses with sound leadership and infrastructure, while also making positive impacts where we work and live.

{ "title": "TOTAL REVENUE BY REGION", "subtitle" : "2017 REVENUE: $8.9BN(1)", "series" : [{ "name" : "Regions", "data" : [ { "name": "U.S.", "y": 48, "color":"#214564", "legendIndex": 0 }, { "name": "EUROPE", "y": 33, "color":"#CB464F", "legendIndex": 1 }, { "name": "ASIA PACIFIC", "y": 12, "color":"#A7A9AB", "legendIndex": 2 }, { "name": "AMERICAS (excludng U.S.)", "y": 7, "color":"#6696ED", "legendIndex": 2 } ] }] }

Global Supply Chain

PVH's capabilities for worldwide procurement and sourcing enable us to deliver to our customers competitive and high quality goods at an attractive value and on a timely basis. We are committed to the health, safety and well-being of the workers throughout our supply chain and to the integrity of our products, while also preserving the environment and producing high-quality products.

Globabl Supplu Chain


PVH is one of the largest global apparel companies. We have evolved from our 1881 roots to become a diversified global company with nearly $9 billion in 2017 revenues through a combination of strategic acquisitions and by successfully growing our brands globally across the wholesale, retail, digital commerce and licensing channels.



We take great pride in the strength of our brands, the quality of our products, the positive working environments that we provide and our focus on giving back. We are committed to our consumers, our associates and our communities, as highlighted by the numerous recognitions that we have received.

  • (1)Americas (excluding U.S.) includes Canada, Mexico, South America, Central America and the Caribbean; Europe includes the Middle East and Africa; Asia Pacific includes Australia and New Zealand.